Richard Flook’s Blog – Ahead for 2013

advanced clearing energeticsAfter 20 years of passionately searching for answers to the question of Why People Get Sick, working closely with clients who want the same answers, and training hundreds of students, it is time to keep the momentum flowing forward with incredible advancements and discoveries.

Over the past few years I have been developing new strategies and processes that are producing incredible results with clients dealing with illness and disease. In the past year I have trained over 400 new students the basis of these new findings and in 2013 I am revealing even more developments as we launch Certification Courses across the globe.

We call these strategies "Advanced Clearing Energetics" (formerly META-Healing Process) which is a process of clearing trapped energy and dealing with the underlying shock (root cause of disease) quickly. The process takes all the complex therapy and simplifies the process. It works WITH almost all alternative, complimentary and therapeutic practices to get incredible results for your clients.

We are preparing new additions to the current trainings over the upcoming months and will be launching a Brand New Advanced Clearing Energetics™ website with tons of other goodies for our student population. All currently enrolled students will gain access to the new updated materials when the site goes live.

Our introduction LEVEL 1 course will provide you with the core elements of the process and
LEVEL 2 and 3 provide advanced information for Practitioners to work with clients.
All 3 levels are available to enroll onto through our Why Am I Sick website and you will gain all the updated materials when the new site rolls out later this winter/spring.

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