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Jan 23

Get your health questions answered

By richardflook | Advanced Clearing Energetics , Course Information , META Healing Process

cfs-ball-175pixSince developing Advanced Clearing Energetics™ I have noticed an abundance of people really questioning their health and what it means to them. I get hundreds if not thousands of the same type of questions:

"Richard, what is the true meaning behind "this" disease/illness?"
"What do I need to be looking for or be aware of in order to begin healing this pain?"

My goal is to help you uncover the truth about whatever health issues you might be facing.
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Jan 22

Richard Flook’s Blog – Ahead for 2013

By richardflook | Advanced Clearing Energetics , Alternative Therapy , Books , Course Information

advanced clearing energeticsAfter 20 years of passionately searching for answers to the question of Why People Get Sick, working closely with clients who want the same answers, and training hundreds of students, it is time to keep the momentum flowing forward with incredible advancements and discoveries.

Over the past few years I have been developing new strategies and processes that are producing incredible results with clients dealing with illness and disease. In the past year I have trained over 400 new students the basis of these new findings and in 2013 I am revealing even more developments as we launch Certification Courses across the globe.

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Jan 23

META Medicine Models

By richardflook | Articles , Course Information , Health , META Medicine , Mind-Body

META-Medicine® is based on 10 main principles which we believe redefines our under­standing of disease, healing and health

According to META-Medicine®, there is not only a mind body connection but actually a very precise organ-mind-brain-social connection. Each area of our brain corresponds to a specific organ and a specific conflict or trauma and an environmental-social experience.

Researchers also found that biological conflict shocks (significant emotional experiences) always precede disease. If we experience such a biological conflict shock (an event that is unexpected, very dramatic and emotional) then our organism reacts with what we call “disease” and symptoms like cancer, eczema, diabetes, etc.

This knowledge is revolutionary, because it allows us to understand how a disease process begins and why therapies often do not work. But this is just the beginning. META-medicine® goes even further. Every organ is directly related to a specific biological conflict content. For example the skin (epidermis, upper skin) is affected by a loss-of-contact-conflict, the breast (ducts) by a separation-conflict, the lungs (alveoli) by a fear-of-death conflict. This means our organism and specifically the organ-mind connection is way more “hardwired and bio-logical organised” then we have thought in the past.

Why is this so important? Well, just imagine how much more precise and quick a holistic diagnosis will be, if we know the exact organ-mind-brain-social connection. Additionally all therapies can be applied way more efficient and more successfully, because we understand the cause, process and meaning of symptoms and therefore support the healing process instead of working against it.

To understand META Medicine Better, we invite you to join our self paced online introduction to META Medicine e-course.
This simple to understand series of video lessons will assist you in the basic understanding of META Medicine and how it can provide answers to the question of Why we get sick.

META Medicine Made Easy - Join Today!

Nov 16

Why Am I Sick? The Site

By richardflook | Course Information

Welcome to the Why am I Sick® website - home to "Why am I Sick®" (Book and brand) and gateway to our META Medicine® Online Courses taught by Master META Medicine Trainer Richard Flook. You'll find META Medicine Online Courses and Resources, our interactive community forum, Related Products and our new Affiliate Program. You'll also have access to some of the best Integrative Health Coaches in the META Medicine field.

META Medicine Courses offered online by Master META Medicine Coach and Trainer, Richard Flook.

The following courses are available as online - study at your own pace - lessons. You may register for any of these courses at anytime and gain access to course materials immediately.

Access full details to:

LEVEL I: Intro to META Medicine (prerequisite to certification level)

LEVEL II: META Medicine Certification

LEVEL III: META Medicine Masters Certification

LEVEL IV: Coming Soon - META Medicine Trainers Training

Training Courses: Coming soon - EFT and META Medicine

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