How to Find out what's REALLY wrong using Advanced Clearing Energetics

  • Do you wonder why you are sick or have a chronic health condition?
  • What causes a disease, illness and other health problems?
  • How do physical, biological, psychological, emotional, social and environmental elements of your life affect your health?
  • What health challenges do you face that have no reasonable explanation?
  • What is the root cause of your ailment or chronic condition and how can your resolve it once and for all?
Finally, some answers as to "why we get sick?". Learn what causes a person to get a disease, chronic illness, or pains. Uncover the strategies that will begin the healing process.

Publisher: Hay House Insights (July 29, 2013) | Language: English | ISBN-10: 1401943896 | ISBN-13: 978-1401943899

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Know exactly what your body is doing, the biological meaning behind the event and the process that any ailment or disease takes. Discover the root cause and the big question "WHY" are you sick, what triggered it, and how you can begin to resolve it.


About the Author


Richard Flook is a pioneer for people’s health and the creator of Advanced Clearing Energetics®.

He is a highly skilled practitioner of multiple energetic disciplines with over 20 years experience. He works with people and practitioners to help them achieve incredible results across a whole range of health issues. He is also renowned worldwide for teaching these skills to practitioners and potential trainers, so that they can achieve the same extraordinary results he does.

In his book “Why Am I Sick?” (Hay House 2013) Richard Flook explains how disease really works, revealing how the body has not, in fact, made a mistake, but that there are different types of stressful experiences that can cause specific diseases to occur. He tackles the challenging questions of why cancers develop, how chronic diseases are caused, how allergies start, why our beliefs about bacteria and viruses are flawed, and how our present way of treating disease is in desperate need of updating. This groundbreaking book will challenge your present belief system about disease, and at the same time empower you by finally answering the question: 'Why am I sick?', to put you back in control of your health!

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Take Your Practitioner Skills to the Next Level!

Advanced Clearing Energetics® provides a brand new outlook into the core of health issues and provides a powerful set of user-friendly strategies to help clear the underlying energy that lead to those issues. These innovative techniques provide a remarkable way for you to work on yourself or with clients to gain incredible results in far less time. Boost your current strategies and gain amazing results for yourself, your clients or patients.


✓ Why people REALLY get sick and why its time for change in how we approach sickness, disease and pain.
✓ The exact steps and strategies to find, understand and clear out the unresolved issues leading to health problems.
✓ How disease is NOT a mistake but rather a process that follows a distinct pattern.
✓ How to gather client info “smarter” so you can gain incredible results quicker!
✓ Strategies to use on yourself and discover the root cause of your own health issues.

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