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What is Disease and where does it begin?

Do you ever wonder what starts a disease? Have you ever experienced a painful, uncomfortable, worrying or even embarrassing symptom, and wondered ‘Why me? Why now?’ especially if it occurred at a moment when your life seemed to be getting better! Have you ever noticed a relationship between an illness and what’s going on in other areas of your life?

Every year, the National Health Service in England spends over £11 billion on pharmaceutical drugs. New drugs, state of the art procedures and testing equipment are being developed at an incredible rate in an attempt to combat chronic diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancers. And, despite all of this, one fundamental question is consistently overlooked: why do we get disease?

Is it possible that 2 million years of evolution have been wrong, and our bodies are making mistakes?

According to the Merck Manual, the definitive medical dictionary, over 95% diseases have an ‘unknown cause’. Medical doctors diagnose symptoms, and then prescribe or refer a way of suppressing those symptoms. Disease is seen as something that ‘goes wrong’ in the body, usually attributed to ‘risk factors’ such as genetics, poor diet, lifestyle, smoking or the generic term ‘stress’. In fact, in the case of breast cancer, the known risk factors are absent in approximately 70% of patients!

You may be puzzled about why sometimes people heal after just one therapeutic intervention, whereas other people have issues that seem irresolvable. There are many, varied forms of health care available today, all of which have their own approach. For example, a homeopath will design interventions that act as a catalyst and support your own natural healing, while a Chinese acupuncturist will identify blockages in your energy system, and nutritional diagnosis evaluates the biochemical environment. Within any approach, if we look deep enough, there is a missing link: a definitive and proven answer to why certain people get certain diseases at certain times.

Why, for example, does a lump appear in a particular place on the body? Why does a child suddenly develop asthma or eczema? Why do several people who appear to have the same disease or virus, even one as straightforward as a cold, seem to be affected in different ways? Some get a sore throat, while others have a chesty cough, fever or blocked nose.

If we did know what caused disease, how much better would we be able to resolve our own aches, pains and illnesses? As practitioners, how would this understanding help us to apply our therapeutic interventions for more consistent results?

Advanced Clearing Energetics will help you make sense of it and assist you to getting to the core issues in order to clear them out.

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