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By richardflook | Advanced Clearing Energetics

Jan 23

cfs-ball-175pixSince developing Advanced Clearing Energetics™ I have noticed an abundance of people really questioning their health and what it means to them. I get hundreds if not thousands of the same type of questions:

"Richard, what is the true meaning behind "this" disease/illness?"
"What do I need to be looking for or be aware of in order to begin healing this pain?"

My goal is to help you uncover the truth about whatever health issues you might be facing.

I attend conferences and training and get tons of people asking questions like these and I wish that I had the time to talk to everyone but sometimes it's just not possible. These people are so excited by what they see when I do demonstrations on stage with one of the audience attendees on 1 issue, so naturally they want to know what to look at for their particular illness or disease so they too can begin the process towards getting well.

So this year I am dedicating time to answering many of these type of questions and will be putting together information and video's that you can access through our newsletter, website and social media.

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