Taking Statins

Taking Statins

statins-wikiI was recently asked a question about Statins:
"I remember you saying something about statins, that they weren't good and they had some nasty side effects like the brain failing. What are the natural sources of statins?"

Statins reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. You need cholesterol in order to repair blood vessels. It's a natural compound found in all of us.

The tests that were carried out to prove that Statins work and the ones that made them popular, were scientifically flawed. (see the well researched book "What Doctors dont tell you" by Lynn McTaggart) These tests were carried out in Denmark. After 20 years of people using Statins the results show they
can cause horrible side effects.

Here are some articles by a well researched and trusted medical doctor called Dr Mercola. He says a lot more than I can mention in this article and his work is beautifully researched.

As my late friend Peter Fraser(NES Health) said, "I would never f&$?ing take statins, your brain is 80% fat, guess what they do to that!"

It seems they are massively flawed as a drug, it's all about money and has nothing to do with health. Doctors appear to be misinformed and I would never personally take them. Unless I was in the top 1% of people whose cholesterol was so high it needed to be reduced immediately. Even then I would probably change my diet instead.

My father took them, his brain went foggy, he muscles were weak and ached, and he was only taking the smallest recommended dose. I had to send him loads of literature before he woke up and stopped taking them.

These drugs seem disastrous and should be avoided at all costs, according to Dr Mercola. If you do insist on taking them he recommends CQ10 as a supplement. Even worse is women taking them. The studies carried out apparently showed no benefit for women taking Statins.

What can you eat naturally to lower cholesterol? Any foods containing fibre, salmon, Omega 3 and many more. Just do your research and remember you need cholesterol to repair blood vessels. The range that your doctor uses to check whether you need statins or not is being lowered all the time, so that the drug can be given to more and more people. It seems it's more about making money than anything to do with our health.