Do negative emotions cause disease?

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Oct 22

The answer to that question is no, but they do play a part in it. In META-Medicine however we do talk about Anger and Fear, but these are not really emotions per se, they are referring to conflicts of 'Fight or Flight', which are far more basic than complex emotions such as sadness, guilt or unhappiness. In META-Medicine terms diseases are caused by basic biological conflicts. And the same biological conflicts affect animals in the same way they do humans. Humans react in the same way that animals do when it comes to these biological conflicts. In a nutshell biological conflicts are basic, emotions are complex.

Diseases start in META-Medicine terms because there is trapped energy as the result of a biological conflict, emotions are part of the trapped energy. The person is holding onto something or someone's actions that they cannot let go of. The conflicts start because we are threatened by these situations. We react just like an animal and our body ‘changes’ biologically to assist us through the stressful threat. It’s usually only one part of one organ that is ‘changed’. Once the threat is gone, the body repairs the ‘changes’. This is what we commonly know as illness because the repair takes a lot of energy. The body focuses all its energy on that one organ to repair it.

As an example, I was working with a client who suffered for 10 years from regular Hot Flushes (or Flashes as they say in the USA) and the biological cause was to do with the Adrenal Cortex. Each hot flush or flash took at least 10 minutes for her to recover from – she would be fine right up until she had the hot flash, then she would have to rest for some time as the body repaired itself.

The Adrenal Cortex is a small endocrine organ that sits on the top of each kidney and it regulates cortisone and adrenaline plus a few other hormones. The trapped emotions she experienced were 'Frustration and Sadness'. Clearing the frustration and sadness did not solve the problem. She had tried and spent a lot of money doing so. However clearing the basic biological reason for the disease, which was her 'being thrown off course', did solve the problem.

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Kim Knight December 14, 2010

The way I like to look at things from a Qi Gong perspective is that all emotions are a form of energy, and negative emotions damage our state of mind and physical body. Here are a couple of (true) examples of how anger and fear can cause so much damage they cause death:

In a study on death row, where prisoners were killed by having their wrists cut, usually the wrists would be cut and the person would bleed to death. In the study, instead of cutting the wrists, the person (blindfolded) had a blunt knife run over his wrists, and then water was poured into the bucket. The person died in the same amount of time as the person who had had their wrists cut.

So what did this person die of? FEAR, and the expectation his consciousness had of the outcome.

In another incident, a man playing marjong was so angry he got up and overthrew the table, and then promptly had a heart attack. His ANGER killed him. The blood vessels could not take the increase in blood as a result of the nervous overload, and he had a heart attack.

In Chinese medicine, anger and fear are equally and sometimes even more dangerous than sadness or unhappiness.

paulbrowning October 22, 2010

How amazing

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