New to META Medicine? Not sure if its right for you?

By richardflook | Events

Oct 23

Join us for this jammed packed hour-long webinar that covers the Basic Overview of META Medicine and the META Healing Process. If your new to the subject, been pondering taking a META Medicine course or need to know a little more before committing to a training, then this webinar is just for you!

Richard Flook, Master META-Medicine Trainer and Master Health Coach, and Author of the Book "Why Am I Sick"
takes you deep inside the human condition to uncover the age old question "Why do we get sick?" and "how can we get better?" by unraveling the answers in what is sure to be, an "A-ha" moment.

Don't miss out on this Fantastic information that explores far deeper into integrative health then you might imagine while providing a simplistic process to make it all come together towards healing.

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