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This information was passed along to us from one of the health coaches and we wanted to share it on the blog as some good information for you

It has been an amazing week of vaccine truth information revelations here on Here are the highlights of the week in case you missed one or more:

On Tuesday, we launched the Vaccines: Get the Full Story report put out by the Vaccination Council. Download it now at:

On Wednesday, we posted an interview with Dr Suzanne Humphries who offered a fantastic interview on the dangers of vaccines:

Thursday, we posted an interview with Dr Sherri Tenpenny with even more details about vaccines, healthy living, and the truth behind the quack science of the vaccine industry:

Friday (today), we posted an amazing interview with Dr Andrew Wakefield who accuses the British Medical Journal of being "hijacked" by false journalism and printing blatantly false allegations about his own work with autistic children:

During all this, we also posted a 3-hour audio show created by Dr Gary Null who completely deconstructs the BMJ's lies surrounding Dr Wakefield's scientific investigations:

And we brought you a heart-crushing video from Cryshame which shows the cost in human suffering from the damage the vaccines cause in children:

It has been a remarkable week of vaccine truth information, and the vaccine defenders are absolutely reeling from all this. They've been caught red-handed and now the eye of scrutiny is turned upon them. The BMJ, in particular, has now revealed itself to be a "quack science rag" with zero credibility. It is nothing more than the political mouthpiece of the vaccine industry and has become the laughing stock of intelligent thinkers everywhere.

A reminder of two events this weekend...

There are two amazing events happening this weekend, by the way, that you may want to check out. They both require registration:

First, on Saturday, there's a LIVE webcast event featuring two cancer experts who are going to share some vital information with you about how to heal cancer naturally. It's groundbreaking information from practicing physicians who are achieving success every day in real-world practice:

Then, on Sunday, Kevin Gianni launches his Great Health Debate which features top-notch health experts debating raw versus cooked, vegan versus meat, and other dietary practices. I'm part of this, too, and it's a great lineup of speakers and guests:

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- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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