Book Samples – Brain CT Examples

CT and MRI images from the book

Here are some of the images taken from the book so you can review
them and take a closer look at some of the elements that I point out in the book.
The page numbers are taken from the revised first edition.

To view the images from the book "Why Am I Sick":

Page 21

Herniated disc MRI

Page 32

Richard Flook brain CT of back pain

Page 102

Hypothyroidism CT

Page 115

Lucille White Anxiety CT

Page 116

Pericardium Ring CT

Page 117

Bone cancer lumbar region CT

Page 119

Glandular Breast Cancer CT

Page 119

Galndular Breast Cancer CT example 2

Page 120


Page 118

Ovarian cancer

Page 190

Manic Depression CT

Page 193

Nymphomania CT

Page 225

Brain tumour MRI