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Waves of Healing with Lea Yekutiel

Listen in to "Waves of Healing" - a Blog Talk Radio Show with Lea Yekutiel as she talks live with Richard Flook. .

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Special Related Topic: Breast Cancer


Karin Davidson: Living Energy Day II

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Every physical and emotional issue is related to a specific traumatic event or negative learning. The professionals working with META-Medicine have taken significant strides in articulating the connection between traumatic events and physical symptoms, from chronic pain to depression. Join Karin Davidson as she interviews the head of international training for META-Medicine, Richard Flook, and they explore this profound connection and relevant case studies from Richard’s years of experience.


Interviews with Richard Flook talking about META-Medicine

Dr Phil HammondBBC Radio interview with Dr Phil Hammond
Dr Phil Hammond interviews Richard Flook on BBC Radio about META-Medicine. Listen here to an interview with Richard Flook on BBC Radio and listen to Jeremy Fraser, a journalist, interviewing Richard Flook about META-Medicine.