Thanks for visiting the Why Am I Sick (WAIS) contact page. We hope you take a moment to add us to your Twitter or Facebook Accounts and follow the work we are doing in the field of Integrative Health. You can contact us using the information below:

We don't have the traditional office as Richard spends much time traveling. Please note that we follow a typical business week from 9-5pm Mon-Fri. If traveling, responses may take longer.
Our extended global health team members work in various areas around the world, some from their home office and some with a traditional office practice. If we have already referred you to one of our health team members, we will pass along your contact information so they may contact you directly.

By Email:

Online Course Support :

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If you need personal support beyond an email, please feel free to email us with a call back number we will get back to you as soon as we can. Again, we do not have a traditional office and Richard may be traveling, teaching online or working with clients from his home office and can not accept phone calls during those times. Leave a call-back number in an email if needed.
Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Our main administrative team consists of:
Richard Flook - Owner/Health Coach/Trainer
Karen Hilts - Business Manager +++

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