META-Medicine Introduction - Foundation Course with EFT


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META Medicine means “beyond medicine”. It takes you a step deeper into the mysteries behind disease and illness and helps you uncover the reasons “why people get sick”. It reveals that there is much more than a body-mind connection and helps you to understand the process of disease so you can understand the healing process.

This course will cover the basis of META Medicine and show you how EFT work effectively, together. This 3 day weekend training is now available to you online in a self paced course filled with information and videos. Course lessons are online and available 24/7, 365 days a year. This is a self paced study program introducing you to the basics of META Medicine and EFT with Richard Flook, Master META Medicine Health Coach and Trainer with Karl Dawson of Matrix Re-imprinting and an EFT Master.

The online course covers the following:


  • See Meta-Medicine and Matrix Reimprinting live in action with clients with issues such as Pain, IBS, skin conditions and Bipolar disorder
  • Learn why EFT works so well with Meta-medicine
  • See what EFT does to conflict shocks in the brain and the organs
  • Know how to find root causes of disease
  • Discover how to find the original buried conflict shock that caused the disease using EFT paradigms.
  • Uncover the disease process
  • Know what to tap on and when
  • Use Meta-Medicine organ reframes to get behind the cause of a disease.
  • Find out what causes some disease to reoccur and what to do to end the cycle.
  • Realize triggers of disease and how EFT can be used to interrupt and stop disease in its tracks.
  • Learn the possibilities of solving mania and depression.
  • Learn how to apply EFT to simple issues like spots, IBS, Muscle ache, ear infections and other minor ailments.
  • View demonstrations and practical applications

and much much more!

This Course can be used as a per-requisite to the
Online Certification Course.
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A weekend live course like this costs upwards of $597.  We brought it online in digital format so that anyone can take the course on their own time, from the comfort of home, at a reduced rate that will save you weekend training costs, transportation, accommodation, and meal costs.  Pay only $197 and get instant access to begin studying this incredible information today!

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Richard Flook is a Master META Medicine Trainer and Health Coach and President of the International Why Am I Sick Association. He is a Master NLP Coach and Author of the book “Why Am I Sick, What’s really wrong and how you can solve it using META-Medicine”. Richard played an instrumental part in the development of META Medicine Training Courses and he brings 20+ years of experience and knowledge into the field of META Medicine.

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