Our Health Coach Consultations are done through our website and include bonus video materials on META Medicine to watch/read at your leisure and information compiled from the chapters of "Why Am I Sick" - Book by Master Health Coach Richard Flook.

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Simple Consultation
You can get a simple explanation of your symptoms from a Licensed Meta-Medicine® Health Coach, allowing you to get to the root cause of your issue. A detailed Q&A; form allows you to provide in depth information to your Coach who will respond, via email, to the information provided and provide a detailed stress based analysis of your diagnosis, ailment or disease, so you know the right things to work on. You will get a one month bonus membership to our META Medicine Made Easy - Introduction to META-Medicine website so you can gain deeper understanding of META-Medicine.
To learn more about Simple Consultations, go to our Simple Consultation Web page
for complete details.

You can also register directly from the website and claim your bonus one month free starting today!

Personal Consultations

Get a Personal Consultation by a Licensed META Medicine® Health Coach.

You will have a live 2 hour – one on one – Consultation with a Licensed Meta-Medicine® Health Coach either in person, phone or via skype/webcam. With META-Medicine® Health Coaching consultations we will work back from your symptoms (we use a proper medical diagnosis in most instances, to confirm the symptoms you are going through and the type of disease you have).

We then work with you to find the unique stressful event which caused your disease process to occur. Our aim is to assist you through your disease process quickly by unraveling the reason why you had the shock and then working with this information, we work out the best therapy plan for you. You will have access to the member video modules to gain deeper insights. Your personal consultation includes a 3 month bonus membership to the
META Medicine Made Easy - Introduction to META-Medicine website so you can gain deeper understanding of META-Medicine while you go through your consultation process.

To learn more about Personal Consultations go to our Personal Consultation web page to get full details. 

You can register for a personal consult directly from the website link shown and claim your 3 month bonus access to the Introduction to META Medicine information starting today!

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