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Dec 10

Taking Statins

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statins-wikiI was recently asked a question about Statins:
"I remember you saying something about statins, that they weren't good and they had some nasty side effects like the brain failing. What are the natural sources of statins?"

Statins reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. You need cholesterol in order to repair blood vessels. It's a natural compound found in all of us.

The tests that were carried out to prove that Statins work and the ones that made them popular, were scientifically flawed. (see the well researched book "What Doctors dont tell you" by Lynn McTaggart) These tests were carried out in Denmark. After 20 years of people using Statins the results show they
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Apr 12

FREE WEBINAR SERIES : Visionaries (Wed each week)

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Tess and Bess are presenting a NEW and truly INTERNATIONAL event with speakers from 3 continents - USA, Canada, Australia and UK.

It is a unique line up of trailblazing experts sharing their knowledge and insights so you will learn how to create a shift in YOUR life.

So what’s it all about?

There is a NEW way of thinking, a paradigm shift for spiritual entrepreneurs that is centered upon ‘How I can contribute to the world and others’. It is about “being NOW”, connecting with like minded people to make a difference and leave the world a better place than we found it.

They have been blessed to capture Darren Jacklin’s time and attention as the first speaker in a very special interview series coming up fast. Tess & Bess are also interviewing some of my FAVORITE people to listen and learn from. They are the next wave of leading edge thinkers.

I'm so excited to be part of this interview series and would love you to join us in this global collaboration. It's all no cost and each expert will share their thoughts and beliefs to empower and inspire you to create a better life for yourself.

Free 10 Week Webinar Series
April 6th - June 8th, 2011
Wednesdays 4:00 - 5:00 pm USA (PDT)
Thursdays 9:00 -10:00 am Australia (EST)

Imagine (NAME), hearing first hand how these highly successful entrepreneurs are using their NEW consciousness to collaborate and have a profound global impact to advance humanity. I can't wait to hear their secrets and apply what they have to teach! (Yes, I keep seeking out new ways to learn something new every week in my business. This is what keeps me fresh, informed and on the leading edge).

I'll be speaking as well on Why we get sick and How you can solve it.

Just ONE tip from these empowered leading edge thinkers and fellow spiritual entrepreneurs may be all you need to help you step up and play a bigger role and make a greater impact on those around you. Let YOUR true greatness shine more this year, via a thriving, successful business.

So, come join me!  It's all no-charge. Here's the link to get in:

The event starts April 6th and goes to June 8th, so claim your spot now. Each interview is being conveniently recorded so you can listen to it later if that works for you. Just don't miss out, okay?

I look forward to "seeing" you there!

Richard Flook


Feb 24

Auric clearing-Spring cleaning

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One of the tools I have in my backpack is Soul-wisdom auric clearing.

I learned it back in 2001 from Carol Hathor and it has truly been a wonderful time using it.

Today I was doing 3 auric clearing for wodnerful women that are going to attend our Shamballa MDH course next weekend. Everytime I do such a clearing I remember some of the many individuals that have been helped by just doing auric clearing.

Such as the teenage boy that....

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Jan 23

Nutrition and Chronic Disease

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Blowing nose

This past month I have been trying to solve my nasal issue. It's been a chronic issue I have
had since birth. Recently I have not been able to smell anything at all and I was fed up with the

Just to give you an idea of what this is like, it means food has only textures to it, no complexity, just salt,
sweet and sour.

You can't smell beautiful things such as perfumes from blossoms or taste a delicious fruit pie. There is anupside I could not smell my son's smelly diapers (nappies). The only way I could smell something was by getting very close up to it and sniffing intensely. Sometimes that did not work either and recently I found I could not
smell anything at all.

This issue had affected many areas of my life and considering I was in the wine trade for 10 years and I know a tremendous amount about taste and smell, it was a great disappointment to me that I could not enjoy so many beautiful foods and wines. This was one of the primary reasons I left wine the trade, there were many times when I could not smell anything, and my ability to smell and taste was the instrument of my trade.

So as a META-Medicine Master and Master Trainer - What was the cause of my chronic issue? Was it food related? An allergy? A shock or was it a combination of all of these things?

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